What We Do

Project Management:  We work with software developers around the globe to build software solutions that meets the customer's needs.  We track the progress of the projects as well as the cost associated with each project to ensure the customer's interests are manged properly.

Project Development:  We work both internally and externally with software developers on 3rd party integration projects and software deployments as well as setups of SAAS solutions for companies looking for web based applications to support their organizations.  We have experience building websites in HTML, ASP, JAVA, and PHP.  If you have existing applications that require integration with other applications, we have the right people to help you bridge the gap or find off-the-shelf solutions in the marketplace. 

Marketing & Consulting:  As your business grows, we can help your company with Search Engine Optimization, Online Campaign Management, and Site Design.   Our team of usability experts and designers can help put your company in front of the customer's you want and provide the ability to track them to better understand their buying habits.  As a consultant, we can help you focus your IT ans Marketing dollars on projects that bring you and your company the best Return on Investment (ROI).  Our strength is our experience working with other companies in your position to glean their best practices and avoid pitfalls that they may have experienced (and wasted money).

If your business is looking to expand or trying to cut costs, let our staff help you.  Give us a call to set up an appointment!