About Us

PLANETAustin was founded in Austin, TX, in October of 2003 by Tom Weis.  The company's mission is to apply the IT knowledge learned from working with multiple Fortune 100 companies to small and mid-sized companies to stimulate growth and efficiency.   The company's focus is reviewing IT solutions that will spur new growth online or reduce costs to an organization.

We look first to 3rd party integration with CRM, Content Management, and/or ERP applications that are cloud-based SAAS solutions.  We are  always evaluating open source software, but first look to the customer's needs to determine the best solution that meets their needs.

After working on many IT related projects, PLANETAustin moved into Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and web based marketing.   This includes optimizing site content to better position each customer's products and services, marketing campaign management, and back-end reporting. 

We strive to provide small and mid-sized businesses tools and customer facing websites that are professional and can help increase profits and reduce operating cost to ensure that as the company grows, the solutions that are in place will scale with them.